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Hi, I’m Sophie Howard

I founded Aspiring Entrepreneurs to help people like you – ready to start and scale a smart online products business and achieve your business goals. We do things smarter, faster and focus on you reaching the results you want from your business – both financial targets and meeting your lifestyle goals.

In the past three years I founded and grew a successful Amazon online business from zero to seven figures, and selling over $200k USD of products on per month, and over one million USD in sales in Year One. I recently sold one of my 18-month old Amazon accounts for seven figures USD to a private investor. Where I can help you do things differently, and better, is follow my unique strategy when it comes to product selection and branding, all of which translates well into other online platforms, not just Amazon. You will be able to keep moving fast to implement decisions, built the business so it can continue to scale and pivoted into new platforms and channels. You can also learn how I scale my businesses using virtual teams, cloud based systems and automate or outsource every single repeated task in the business. So we can grow wealthy and have more fun!

Product University and 1:1 Coaching give you the chance to fast track to a smart, sustainable online business that gives you the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. With no holds barred, I am willing to share how I do everything in my 6 and 7 figure online businesses and help you to achieve the same!


7 Days to Improved Amazon Sales!
Learn how YOU can go from zero to 7 figures in just 18 months.

How Can I Help You?

I want to start my own online business but I’m overwhelmed with options and don’t know where to start.

Product University is the best place for new online sellers finding their way in this online world. Through peer to peer learning and weekly webinars led by myself, you will learn all the essentials you need to know about yourself, and business, in order to succeed.

Whether youre struggling with a block getting out the starting gates or have so many ideas you don’t know where to start, then Product University is the right place for you. Here I support, encourage and guide you through the fundamentals of business (like a mini-MBA), teaching you to be commercially savvy, skilled and confident as your forge your own way with your own business.

More Than Just Selling On Amazon

By joining Product University you will be able to confidently start and run your very own online business. I am a little biased towards Amazon to start out with a new product and brand, as I’ve never seen anywhere else convert so well of have such low start up costs, but we’ll move on to other platforms and channels that could work well for you.

Covering All The Skills Required To Find Your Success

You’ll be in safe hands and get enough support to be sure you’ve got all the information you need to know to succeed with your business. You’ll have critical thinking, research, decision making and financial skills. I cover bonus essential skills you need in this world like copywriting and negotiating, running a virtual team and a cloud based business system. It is fun, challenging and a set of skills most people would give their right arm for! Such a great investment not only in your next venture, but for life.

You Are Not Alone

You’ll also build an awesome network of like-minded entrepreneurs to keep you focused, accountable and having fun. Also you know that I’m independent so my only interest is seeing you find the perfect fit and business strategy for you – I’m not selling courses or other people’s products. I measure my results by your results! Read on to learn how I work with you to get you up and running with your very own online business!

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Learn More About Product University

I’m already selling products or services online but I’m unsure how to reach the next level of success.

With an ever increasing number of tools, podcasts and articles being thrust in your face as the secret to unlocking more sales and more profit it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to focus your limited time and energy. Don’t waste more time and money on generic, one size fits all advice or unnecessary tools that leave you scratching your head and no better off for investing your precious time and hard earned money.

Tailored Specifically For You

My 1:1 Coaching gets straight to the core of YOUR business, YOUR problems and YOUR strengths and weaknesses. I am a trained coach with an MBA with Distinction and many years working in hi-tech start ups and consumer product businesses. The ability to work with my 1:1 clients on goals, success, achievement and offering real support is what my coaching clients love the most and is equally important as the technical aspects of any online or Amazon business.

Focus Your Time On What Really Matters

By working with me you will understand what you need to do to build a successful, sustainable and smart business. Your business will deliver profit, and the business will work for you (not the other way round!). You will be confident with Amazons platform, with your strategy to compete and the tools and team youll use to help you reach your goals. You will also know when it’s time to expand beyond Amazon (super fun!). For many of you current sellers, that time is now! Maybe even yesterday.

Work Smarter Not Harder

I specialise in helping people who want to grow a lean and scalable products business, one that can be run along side another 9-5 day job, or for moms at home wanting to spend time with their children. Passive, smart and automated. This is how I grew my own business. I had a baby, a toddler and took on a 30 hr per week senior government role when I started out (there’s never a perfect time!). Within one year I had grown a seven figure Amazon. The next year I sold one Amazon account for seven figures USD to a private investor, before pivoting into new platforms, channels and business models. In my coaching I will show you how you can do all of these things too.

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